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Festo Bionic: BionicWheelBot film
25.03.2018 16:34 Uhr
The biological model for the BionicWheelBot is the cyclist spider, which was discovered in the Erg Chebbi desert at the edge of the Sahara in 2008 by Prof. Ingo Rechenberg, Bionics Professor at the TU Berlin. Like other spiders, the cyclist spider can run, but it can also move forwards using a combination of somersaults and rolling along the ground. Since its discovery, Prof. Rechenberg has been working on transferring these movement sequences to technological applications. The kinematics and the drive concept have now been developed together with the bionics team from Festo. The BionicWheelBot rolls along the ground by forming a wheel with three legs on each side of its body. Two more legs, which are retracted during running, are then extended; they push the spider (which is in the shape of a ball) off the ground and propel it forwards in a continuous rolling motion.


(Download - under the player: 1920x1080p / mp4)


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